” I’m trying to be a artist with a brand that copies every other brand and be a brand on it’s own like.

 I want to be the biggest bootleg brand amongst the original brands.”


The artist from the Netherlands, Mike Frederiqo, began painting at the age of 3.He is also an illustrator, a tattooist and a Graffiti artist.

The first works is “Bapes Soup” based on Andy Warhol’s Well-known works Campbell’s soup and added A bathing ape’s brand element.

After that, the “Sponge Series” caught the attention of the French select shop COLETTE and invited him to cooperate. Since then, his reputation has gradually spread.

In collaboration with the antique boutique LXR & CO, the hand-painted antique bag was launched and KanyeWest and Pharrell Williams were

created as Adidas LOGO at the invitation of the international online magazine Highsnobiety.

The most widely known work is the “tribute” series of LOGO and its founders. Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent

and many brand founders are all his source of inspiration,also include many celebrities and Its associated classic images or logos,

including Michael Jordan became Nike; woven the supermodel Cara Delevingne into a BURBERRY scarf

and combined the head of Rei Kawakubo with the PLAY series created by Polish illustrator Filip Pagowski.

Full of sense of humor and creativity.


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